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Your Expectations

Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine

We thought that it would be a good idea to ensure that your expectations are in alignment before you go, for the record…!

Travel is transformational and your experiences will be first hand direct experiences. The culinary vacation itinerary, the photos along with the other information that you receive in advance will give you an indication of what to expect, but being there is all about direct experience and being transformed.

Your Accommodation
What to expect: The majority of our accommodation consists of small, locally owned and family operated establishments. We also incorporate family home stays wherever possible. Expect rooms that have local flavour and charm, what you may consider basic. In most cases the rooms are rustic, traditional and much smaller than hotel rooms in North America (if available at hotels, the elevators are very small as well).
What not to expect: Large rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting decked out with the latest trends in furnishings and décor.

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Your Bed
What to expect: Double beds in Europe and many parts of the world are usually NOT to be found. They are typically 2 single beds pushed together…it still works alright.
What not to expect: Standard double, queen or even king-sized beds are not available in many cases.

The Buildings
What to expect: Buildings and rooms that aren’t uniform, but do have centuries of history and can tell many stories.
What not to expect: Straight lines and level floors and walls.

Group Size
What to expect: We operate the majority of our culinary tours with 6 people and less.
What not to expect: Interaction with large groups of other tourists – you may meet fellow food enthusiasts from around the globe, but if you travel alone you may also be the only person in your ‘group’.


What to expect: Expect a rich cultural experience versus a luxurious experience; your trip will be a ‘real down to earth’ experience where you rub shoulders with local people. It will be rich in history, the arts, the people and the food – the culture.
What not to expect: The same luxury that you experience in North America when you travel, don’t expect chi chi – you won’t experience it in most instances (in some yes, in most no).

The Food

What to expect: An incredible food adventure trying out new cuisines with ‘foreign’ ingredients, different techniques and ways of enjoying food.
What not to expect: In 3 words – ‘fast food experience’ – it won’t be super-sized and North Americanized, it will be cuisine adapted to local produce and family or regional recipes that have been handed down for generations.

Pack your fork, your appetite and an open mind to savour the culture and of course the food and wine!