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Sustainable Tourism

Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine

Sustainable Tourism is a relatively new term - in a 'nutshell' it's about being a low-impact traveller and minimizing negative environmental and cultural impact when you travel.

No big tour buses here, environmentally-friendly travel!

Gourmet Safari is proud to offer responsible culinary vacations to ensure that you have a great holiday and to help make the world a better place at the same time.  Tourism is now the world’s largest industry, and generates thousands of jobs around the world – therefore your holidays’ power for good is unmistakable.  It’s all about being a non-exploiting, low-impact traveller and of course having a great holiday as well.  You can have a great trip and still do the right thing to help the planet. 

How do our culinary vacations help make the world a better place you’re probably wondering?
Our aim is to put as much back into the local community as possible.  We work only with local partners who want you to experience their culture for what it really is, in its natural environment.  The travel experience is about people meeting people, learning about their culture and how to create their cuisine.  It’s a 2-way cultural exchange that sustains the well-being of local people.  And with the support of local economies, travel is mutually beneficial.  We call this low-impact travel, showing sensitivity to cultural and social dynamics and minimizing impact on the culture and the environment.  This all translates into more of an authentic culinary experience for you, experiencing local culture and cuisine.  Tourism will never be sustainable, but we can all help move towards being more sustainable in many ways. 

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The issue at hand.

As more regions and countries develop their tourism industry, it produces significant impacts on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems.  The need for sustainable/responsible planning is imperative for the travel industry to survive as a whole and to keep you exploring the globe.

Where do you fit in?

You have an enormous effect on the travel industry through the choices you make. Choose a responsible vacation operator, this decision making process is essential because an operator can aid in the protection of the host countries' natural and cultural environments. 

And when you travel, show respect for the people, their culture and their land.  Think about how you can support local communities in your travels and create cultural protection.

They say that tourism spoils what it seeks, so your travel decisions are important.

How do you travel?
Good for you: Gourmet Safari offers independent travel and travel of small groups that respect local people, cultures and their environment. We use small-scale locally owned accommodation and work with locals.
Good for the planet:
This approach to travel ensures that host communities receive the economic benefit from your visit and invites you to interact with local people to sustain their well-being.

How many travellers?

Good for you: We operate the majority of our culinary tours with 6 people and less which gives you more of a true flavour of the culture.
Good for the planet:
It also means travelling independently, and not as part of a large group which invites interaction with local people and creates cultural protection with low impact.

Where do you stay?

Good for you: The majority of our accommodation consists of small, locally owned and family operated establishments, sometimes staying at the family home.
Good for the planet:
Host communities and local people benefit economically. 

Food – Slow Food

Good for you: We prepare and eat local seasonal produce and food, and we recommend locally owned restaurants whenever possible.
Good for the planet: By cooking with local produce, purchasing food in local markets (when in season), and eating in local establishments, you help to support the local economy and to sustain local foods.

Our culinary vacations are packed authentic culinary experiences and also help the local communities and cultures. 

It is critically important to develop a responsible sustainable tourism and travel industry and we are happy to play a role.