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Savour Spain Culinary Tours.

Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine.

Design your own dream cooking vacation to Spain!

Why do Spaniards enjoy their food so much?

Cuisine in the Iberian Peninsula echoes the cooking of the Middle East (honey and cumin) and that of the Americas (dishes combining meat with chocolate). There's really no such thing as "typical" Spanish cooking. Food in Spain is as varied as its climate, cultures and geography. Most regional dishes are based on quality local ingredients and a relatively simple preparation, it is family cooking, comparatively simple to prepare and characterized by fresh ingredients. Tapas -- small morsels or appetizers in great variety are served throughout the day. The best known dish is probably paella, a rice dish which comes from the Mediterranean area around Valencia. In the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, you'll find every type of regional cuisine and great restaurants. Go with a good appetite.

Here - take a bite, this is our menu of culinary tours:

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A Taste of Seville
Discover Andalusian Delicacies


A Taste of Seville Culinary Vacation

Andalusia : Seville (Sevilla)
• Stroll through Sevilla on a typical tapas tour to tucked away tapas spots (the best kept secrets of Sevilla)
• Learn to make great stews, meat & seafood dishes, vegetables, salads and desserts with a Moorish influence in the historic centre of Sevilla
• Take a wine tour to the town of Jerez de la Frontera, its world renown for its sherry’s

  A Taste of Seville: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  

Discover Andalusian Delicacies Culinary Vacation

Andalusia : Seville and Cordova
• Discover the authentic gourmet cuisine and culture of Seville and Cordova, the most outstanding cuisine currently being made in Spain by avant-garde chefs
• Touch the land of contrasts, where the warm Mediterranean waters bathe the foot of the highest mountain range in mainland Spain
• Try out hands-on cooking lessons with local chefs, market visits, tasting, exclusive visits to artisan producers, and selected meals at the best restaurants

  Granada Culinary Discovery: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  



You don't need to speak Spanish. You don't even need to know how to cook! All you need is a love of good food and wine and an adventurous spirit!

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