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The Gourmet Safari Family


Spotlight on Dan Duran.

We thought that it would be a unique idea to invite you into a behind the scenes tour of Gourmet Safari.  First of all I’d like to introduce you to Dan Duran – he is

not only my husband, but also the person behind most of the amazing Gourmet Safari photos, as well as the voice of Gourmet Safari (if you happen to ring us).

Here is his story.

Dan Duran began his broadcasting career in radio. He was a DJ and a production director (behind the controls of recording studio consoles) for 13 radio stations, including Vancouver, San Francisco and Toronto.

While in San Francisco, he established himself as a prominent voice-over artist. He became a mainstay in the "VO" scene in Toronto where his quirky humour got him onto The Humble & Fred Morning Show (actually, Humble was an old roommate, and he felt obligated to get Dan the job). During this time, he took his first step into Canadian National Television as a reporter for TSN and host of the Medical Breakthroughs Weekly Report. Dan also became the co-host of the Dini Show — a national Canadian talk show on CTV. He then became a host on the country's entertainment show eNow and is currently the Host of Discoveries this Week airing on The Science Channel in the USA.

As an actor, Dan has appeared in over 30 TV movies and series, including Robocop and F/X. His work in feature films includes Driven, Welcome to Mooseport, Death to Smoochy and the X-Men.  Click here to visit Dan's site and check out his filmography.

His long standing interest in photography began at about the same time as his media career.  Having travelled to almost 40 countries there is a wide swath of the world that inspired his love of the image (and food).  ...Dan at work in Spain!

To view Dan’s Gourmet Safari photogalleries of Italy, France, Spain and Morocco click here.


My Life, My Family, My Passion, My Recipe.

After a long and successful career working with one of the world’s top international airlines – I decided that it was time to rethink my life.  Having recently spent a year at home with our son Colton (the cute little guy in the photo), I was torn between staying at home with him and continuing with my career.  I decided that it was time to reflect…   

I had travelled and cooked extensively throughout my life… 

I thought long and hard about what would fulfill my heart and soul and the pursuits that I would find rewarding.  Out of this, Gourmet Safari was born and the entrepreneurial spirit took hold.  I also realized that others shared the same passion, after much market research.  It is a perfect combination of two of my passions, food and travel.  It is exactly how I like to travel – intimate travel that gets you really close to a culture through a food adventure. 

And here we are today…

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Exotic Morocco

Dan Duran's

Gourmet Safari Experiences

January 2005.

Casa Italiano.

What a place to wake up to - the sunrise in the morning is spectacular.  I was reluctant to leave because I felt that I hadn’t seen enough, Giorgio and Laura are a wealth of knowledge about the area.

Farmhouse Cooking in Tuscany.

This is a great place to go if you’ve got a group, any window that you look out of you have a view from the hilltop.  I love the fireplace and the wine cellar has an interesting story.

Chianti Classico.

I don’t think that you could find a more authentic Italian family.  The two sisters are absolute characters and know cooking from generations before them.

The Tuscan Chef.

I had no idea that monks could live in such luxury.  The groundskeepers keep this place in immaculate condition; I was equally impressed with the wine cellar – where I could have spent my entire stay.

Florence Cuisine and Culture.

Elegant and charming, these two share their knowledge of Florence effortlessly – from lemon houses to great recipes this is a good one.

Art de Vivre in the Loire.

Monique enjoys only the finest things that France has to offer, she’ll take you to all the best butchers, bakeries, restaurants…and of course the best wineries that the Loire has.

Passport to Provence.

Patrick has amazing stories from living and cooking around the world.  He was the first to present truffles to my palette.  I feel somewhat deprived of all the things that he didn’t have time to teach me. 

A Taste of Seville.

I’d be surprised to discover something about Seville that Roger doesn’t already know.  If it’s a question of gastronomic pursuit, he’ll bring you to the authority on the subject.  He can truly focus on your interests…and mine seemed to be the drinking and making and drinking of Sherry.

Catalan Cooking Holiday.

Of the places I visited, this is the most outstanding.  Convert a 15th century stone house into high style and luxury and your just about here. Of  course you’d have to create a dream wine cellar stocked with the regions best and then find a host that knew all about Spanish cooking and you’d be close.  I could not recommend this place more.