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Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine

We offer a different travel product and experience – it offers more choice and it’s more flexible than other culinary tours. We feature ultimate cooking classes in top quality authentic villas, B&B’s, farmhouses, inns & hotels - an outstanding portfolio of culinary vacations in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and wherever great food adventures abound. A relaxed and informal one-week or one-day immersion into the food, local life and culture, you’ll walk away with knowledge of local cooking, lifestyle and a taste for adventure. From cooking lessons with talented local chefs, excursions to local towns, to visits to open air markets, vineyards and artisans who specialize in food and wine. Unconventional travel, stay with the locals and get as close to the culture as possible by experiencing the local cuisine - it’s like being invited into a week or a day or two of local life. Through hands-on instruction using the finest and freshest ingredients, tours and tastings, we will inspire you and provide you with the skills and knowledge to cook creatively when you return home. We cater to the lifestyles of busy gourmets and would-be-gourmets – one stop gourmet travel planning - we do it all – but you have flexibility to do your own thing!

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Our Philosophy:

Travel is one of life’s most important investments. With this in mind, we feel that first hand experience is very important and we will be experiencing all of the cooking schools that you’ll be travelling to as well. Our promise to you: a top notch, flexible, authentic, intimate cooking experience, with well-known chefs and cooks, with the finest and freshest ingredients. You can trust our expertise and advice…invest wisely.

Why Food + Travel is The Next Travel Trend!

International-inspired cuisine is really ‘catching on’ and food has become a national pastime around the globe
We’re relative newcomers to cuisine and food as a recreation, culinary travel compliments this new interest
Culinary travellers want to be part of a culture to narrow the distance between themselves and locals - in a single bite savour an authentic experience that will plant a sense of memory
Food connects with people/places and potent feelings that we normally don’t encounter by sticking to normal travel routines
Adding food brings spice to ordinary destinations and people are discovering how approachable kitchens/chefs are and how simple cooking is
The cooking vacation transports cooks out of the kitchen and into the culture and allows you to rekindle the memories in the kitchen when you return home