Savour Italy Culinary Vacations
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Savour Italy Culinary Vacations

Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine.

Design your own dream cooking vacation to Italy!

What you didn't know about Italian cuisine.

It is surprising how many people who believe they are familiar with Italian cooking are unaware of the regional differences that exist. Basically, Italian cuisine is a combination of vegetables, grains, fruits, fish, cheeses and a scattering of meats usually seasoned and cooked with olive oil (with the exception of the far north). The reliance upon what the country can produce has shaped a diet popular for centuries, particularly with the poorer Italian people, and is called la cucina povera. Now we are seeing a resurgence of this "poor people's food" and the Mediterranean diet is being touted as the model around which we should restructure our eating habits.

Here - take a bite, this is our menu of culinary tours:


Casa Italiano Culinary Vacation

Lazio : Tuscania
• Escape to one of the most beautiful views in all Italy: the Etruscan valley of Tuscania
• Savour cannelloni with nettles & ricotta cheese, hazelnut biscuits, zuppa with pecorino cheese
• Shop in an outdoor food market and take in the scenery

  Casa Italiano: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  

Farmhouse Cooking in Tuscany Culinary Vacation

Tuscany : Chianti
• Escape to a cozy farmhouse dating back centuries
• Visit nearby medieval hilltop villages, medieval churches of the Florence area
• Take a cheese and wine tour and savour the best that Italy has to offer


  Farmhouse Cooking in Tuscany: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  

Chianti Classico Culinary Vacation

Tuscany : Chianti
• Stay in the heart of Tuscany at a beautiful 13th century "casa colonica" Italian farmhouse
• Participate in lively hands-on cooking using fresh local ingredients
• Visit a typical Italian market where you’ll select Italian cheeses and salami

  Chianti Classico: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  

Tuscan Cooking Week Culinary Vacation

Tuscany : Siena
• Taste a selection of Chianti wines and a sample delicious antipasti
• Hike on one of the many trails through the estate, enjoy the views, and take a swim
• Use the freshest of ingredients to prepare classic Tuscan dishes that are easy to master and delicious to eat

  Tuscan Cooking Week: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  

The Tuscan Chef Culinary Vacation

Tuscany : Chianti
• Stay at a prestigious Tuscan wine estate in Chianti
• Rub elbows with Tuscan Chef Francesco Torre
• Learn about the wines and the slow-paced lifestyle of Chianti

  The Tuscan Chef: Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations  



You don't need to speak Italian. You don't even need to know how to cook! All you need is a love of good food and wine and an adventurous spirit!

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