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About Gourmet Safari Culinary Vacations

Culinary Vacations for Lovers of Food and Wine

About Us.

Gourmet Safari was inspired out of our love of food & travel; years of travel industry experience, extensive global travel & a huge interest in global cuisine. Each route is carefully designed to immerse you in the local culture and reveal a region’s true spirit. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind journeys for those who value their freedom and want to see the world a little differently. After all, great travel is about experiencing.

Our Philosophy.
Travel is one of life’s most important investments. With this in mind, we feel that first hand experience is very important and we will be experiencing all of the cooking schools that you’ll be travelling to as well. Our promise to you: a top notch, flexible, authentic, intimate cooking experience, with lots of great food and wine. You can trust our expertise and advice…invest wisely.
Value for Money.
We’ve sourced a high-end quality culinary travel experience that we will provide at a fair price.
Feel Better.
Feel self-assured that we’ll plan the best culinary vacation for you because we’re experiencing the cooking schools too and because of our combined years of expertise and knowledge in the travel industry.
Exceptional Customer Service.
We value our clients (you) and we will exceed your expectations with our exceptional service delivered by experienced members of the travel and tourism industry. Superior service – instant phone replies and email replies within 6 hours during regular business hours.

Last, but not Least...
We offer a unique, culinary travel program that integrates the popular villa holiday with a recreational cooking vacation. Your itinerary is designed around hands-on culinary instruction & excursions into sun-drenched & historical corners. Chose the perfect culinary holiday from our hand-picked ‘schools’ located in the most beautiful areas, emphasizing authentic ingredients and classic culinary techniques. Our culinary tours are meticulously designed and superbly operated, by us - we hand-pick your inns and B&Bs after experiencing most of them for ourselves.

We were created to experience the world through our senses – through our ability to taste, see, smell, touch & hear.

Ready to send your senses reeling?

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